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Cardiff is the capital of Wales, located in the Historic county of Glamorgan where the Glamorgan Heritage Coast reveals the Jurassic limestone cliffs of yellow and blue stripes; with the coastal city of Cardiff at the mouth of the Taff, Rhymney and Ely Rivers, where they join the Bristol Channel.

This young capital city is one of the most popular cosmopolitan areas to be visited locally and internationally in the United Kingdom; with its multi-cultural, multi-ethnic population that resides in a city with historic architecture existing together with modern edifices such as the Millennium Centre, the Millennium Stadium which offers the best in sports, the best in shopping, in addition to entertainment, museums, music and art to please everyone.

Originally a medieval maritime city, Cardiff has grown with the modern world and is now a centre for many service oriented enterprises, an industry based in tourism; as well as being a centre for education. However, we can go back as early as the Neanderthals and on to early man for evidence of habitation of this region; but it was the Celts who reigned here when the Romans conquered the city and built a fort where the existing hill fort was situated. In 1081 William I of England built a castle keep within the walls of the original Roman fort; and Cardiff Castle, although altered and extended in Victorian days, is still standing today as a reminder of past history. This is one of the most visited castles in the region, although there are other lovely castles to visit as well, where perhaps one can find the legendary tales of Camelot.

Attractions range from the National Assembly for Wales, The National Museum and Gallery, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Cathay's Park, the popular Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay barrage and the Coal Exchange where one can explore the past history of the coal industry in Cardiff; or explore the performing arts where you will find the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the New Theatre, Chapter Arts Centre and The Gate Arts Centre to name a few venues. For exploration there are interesting walks for tourists, hikers and backpackers. Centenary Walk is within Cardiff city centre where many landmarks and historic and listed buildings are located.

Cardiff is also the centre for Welsh media as well as for the United Kingdom's largest film, television and multimedia located outside of London. Torchwood, the popular sci-fi thriller television series, is based in Cardiff with the background landscape being a panorama of the city and its surroundings. There is so much to do and see in Cardiff, however if there is time, visit the St. Fagan's National History Museum located just outside of Cardiff where traditional historic craft workshops are available with craftsmen demonstrating conventional skills, insight into the culture and heritage of Wales and life from the early Celtic history to the present.

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